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Jereme Zook, CPA

Jereme Zook started with the firm in 2001and is a client services manager in the Litchfield, Illinois office of Pritchard Osborne, LLC.  He serves the firm as a tax, financial, and business planner for small and middle market businesses and high net worth individuals.

Jereme graduated with honors in 2001 from Greenville College where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with a minor in Management Information Systems.  He then obtained his CPA certification and license in 2002. 

At Pritchard Osborne, LLC, Jereme manages client engagements and firm staffing to ensure client needs are met.  His business planning skills include experience in new business formation and financing as well as business growth and consolidation.  Jereme also has solid experience with the issues of family business succession planning and works closely with engagements where planned generational transfers of business ownership and control are taking place.  He has devoted attention to the agribusiness industry, especially focusing on current issues and opportunities associated with production agriculture.  

Jereme is skilled in managing client engagements with tax needs associated with business formation including owner equity and debt needs, cash flow planning, initial asset acquisition and depreciation implications, and the choices of entity which new owners deal with.  He has experience working with entrepreneurs combining to pursue a business through a partnership or similar entity.  He is experienced in management and review of tax planning, consulting, and compliance engagements associated with both new and existing corporations, trusts, partnerships and individuals.  Jereme is also experienced in attestation engagements with compiled financial statements.

Jereme has a variety of administrative responsibilities within the firm.  He has also served in leadership roles of local and state charitable organizations.  Jereme and his wife, Janice, have three children.

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