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Steve Johnson, CPA

Steve Johnson is an experienced member of the CPA staff at Pritchard Osborne, LLC.  Having joined the firm in 2001, he serves as a senior staff accountant.

Steve graduated from Eastern Illinois University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.  Prior to this, he received a degree in journalism from the University of Illinois. 

Steve’s skills include pension/retirement planning, business valuation, general tax accounting, and auditing.  His focus on retirement planning and pension work includes Department of Labor filings as well as retirement plan audits.

Steve understands the tax issues associated with businesses including owner equity and debt needs, cash flow planning, tax depreciation implications, as well as those facing individual taxpayers.

Steve is on the Board of Directors and serves as the treasurer of the Bottomley-Ruffing-Schalk Baseball Museum in Nokomis since February 2008.  He has also been on the Board of Directors at the Nokomis Savings Bank since November 2009.

Steve, his wife, Katie and son, Luke reside in Nokomis, Illinois.  

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