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David “Levi” Suhrenbrock, CPA

David “Levi” Suhrenbrock has more than thirty years of experience, including thirty years in public accounting as well as five years in private industry.  David graduated with honors from Western Illinois University in 1978.  He received his CPA certificate in November 1978 just prior to joining the firm of D. W. Fleming, CPA, P.C.  In 1981 he was promoted to manager of the firm’s first satellite office.

In 1982, David accepted the position of controller of AGS Enterprises, Inc. and four related transportation companies.  He was involved in all areas of the companies, including capital and finance planning, operations, and strategic business planning.  By 1986 he was promoted to president of these companies.  In 1987 he assisted the owner of these companies in negotiating the sale of the group to an outside interest.

In 1987, David joined Pritchard, Osborne, LLC.  He was elected partner in 1989 and served as managing partner from 1993 to 1996.  David is responsible for the firm’s tax practice, municipal services, merger, acquisition, and business start-up services, strategic business planning, and litigation services.

David served as City Treasurer for Staunton, Illinois in the early 1980s.  In 1995 he was appointed City Budget Director for the city of Litchfield, Illinois.  He serves in that capacity on a contract basis and is responsible for preparation of the city’s annual budget, real estate tax levy, and long-term capital budgets.  He has assisted in the planning and financing of several long-term projects including an $8.6 million sewer plant reconstruction and a $17.5 million water plant project.

David’s accomplishments also include significant participation in the start-up, growth, and eventual sale of a telemarketing and consulting company, the initial acquisitions for a plastics company, which has subsequently grown to over $100 million of sales, capital structuring for the start-up of a systems integration and consulting firm which has grown to over $50 million of sales, and financial counsel for the acquisition of a collapsible aluminum tube manufacturer producing in excess of $7 million of sales.

David served as a director of a marketing intelligence company that was founded in 1997.  David was a founding investor and lead financial counsel in the organization and establishment of this company which grew to over $20 million of sales.  David was instrumental in the negotiation and sale of the company to a multibillion dollar international marketing company.

David is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Illinois Society of CPAs, and the Missouri Society of CPAs.  He is active in a number of local charitable and civic organizations.

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