About Us


With Pritchard Osborne, LLC, you can have it all - a challenging career, financial security, and a rich personal life. We will provide you with all the tools necessary to grow into a successful firm partner and allow you the flexibility to enjoy your success.

Please send resumes to pollc@pritchardosborne.com.

Pritchard Osborne Benefits:
  • Training
    Pritchard Osborne, LLC has formal training programs that combine inside and outside training resources. We offer 80 to 100 hours of training annually, including bi-weekly update sessions.
  • Opportunity to Specialize
    The firm's current strategy of providing a full range of financial services creates opportunities for you to zero in on one or more skill sets.
  • Competitive Compensation
    The firm is committed to maintaining compensation structures competitive with regional salary standards.
  • Medical Benefits
    Employer/employee shared major medical health and dental insurance coverage.
  • Flex-Time Work Schedule
    The firm maintains a flexible work schedule allowing all licensed staff the ability to choose their own work hours with the constraints of client and peer commitments.
  • Retirement Plans
    Participation in a defined contribution profit sharing plan with additional 401K features.
  • Paid Time Off
    All major holidays and flexible "PTO" policy providing for two to three weeks of annual time off!
  • Employee Assistance Program
    Limited professional help with personal problems at no cost.
  • Performance Bonuses
    Bonuses paid in recognition of exceptional service.
  • Licenses
    License and registration fee reimbursements, professional dues subsidies.
  • Cafeteria Plan
    Flexible spending account or health savings account providing for pre-tax payment of out-of-pocket health care expenses.
  • Various
    Other benefits include mileage and travel allowances, casual days, bereavement/funeral leave, paid parking.