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Pritchard Osborne Financial Services is a registered investment advisory firm and has licensed registered investment advisor professionals in each of its offices. Pritchard Osborne is in transition to a multi-disciplinary business services practice.

Our parent company Pritchard Osborne, LLC is a CPA and business advisory firm with offices in South Central Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, and Bluffton, South Carolina. Established and operated by a highly entrepreneurial group of CPA's, Pritchard Osborne provides value to its corporate and high income individual client base by assisting them in maximizing business profitability and reducing the costs of ownership, taxation, and transfer of personal wealth.

Pritchard Osborne was founded over 25 years ago and has grown to its current staff of over 30 people with annual revenues in excess of $3.0 million. The firm serves clients ranging from start-up businesses to mature, middle-market companies with revenues in excess of $100 million.

Pritchard Osborne continues to seek other professional disciplines which can be added to the firm to compliment its core tax, accounting, and business consulting skills.

Since the early 1980's, the professionals at Pritchard Osborne have sought to create proactive, hands-on working relationships with their clients, providing much of the strategic tax, financial, and business decision-making to organizations they serve.

We give our clients an edge by providing a higher level of access to our more experienced professionals and partners. Without exception, each of our partners is a service rendering partner with minimal administrative duties allowing them to stay focused on the needs of our clients.

Our mission is to provide you with a positive long-term investment experience, and an advisor relationship built on personal trust and company-wide integrity.

Pritchard Osborne Financial Services, LLC is a registered Investment Advisor with the states of Missouri and Illinois. We serve individuals, businesses, trusts, partnerships, not-for-profit orginizations and retirement plans.

Our Advantage: A Focused Investment Approach
A significant factor in selecting an investment advisor is finding an investment strategy that is right for you. Our investment approach is derived from rigorous, on-going academic research by the world's leading financial economists. Using institutional passive asset class funds, we help you implement a disciplined, long-term investment strategy that not only is sensible and logical, but is cost effective to develop and maintain.

We work with investment professionals who are respected leaders in structuring specialized investment funds for institutional investors. Through our firm, you gain access to these high quality, institutional funds.

Fee-Only Investment Management
By charging an annual fee for our services based on total portfolio value (rather than a commission to buy and sell assets) our interests are aligned with yours - to preserve and increase your portfolio's value.

Discipline To Stick with Your Plan
By establishing an investment policy statement from the beginning, and holding regularly scheduled reviews, we team with you to maintain the discipline needed for long-term success.

You are in the Driver's Seat
Your account is held in your name at Fidelity Investments. While you grant us Limited Power of Attorney to execute transactions on your behalf, you remain in control of your assets.

A Very Special Team
Taking advantage of our strong business and investment experience, we will serve you with integrity, professionalism, and warmth. Through our affiliation with a nationally recognized advisory firm, we enhance our expertise with focused research, support, and high-quality institutional funds.

Modern Portfolio Theory
In light of the data indicating the critical significance of asset class selection, we strongly believe that Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and passive asset class investing is the best way for us to develop prudent, long-term portfolios for our clients. The roots of passive asset class investing lie in the principles of MPT. The world's leading financial economists, three of whom received a Nobel prize for their contributions, conducted on-going research resulting in the formation of MPT. Major tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory are:

  1. Markets process information so rapidly when determining security prices, that it is extremely difficult to gain a competitive edge by exploiting market anomalies.
  2. Over time, riskier assets provide higher expected returns as compensation to investors for accepting greater risk.
  3. Adding high-risk, low-correlating asset classes to a portfolio can actually reduce volatility and increase expected rates of return.
  4. Passive asset class fund portfolios can be designed with the expectation of delivering over time the highest returns for a chosen level of risk

Our firm has access to no-load, institutional passive asset class mutual funds that provide what we believe are the best building blocks to meet our objective of implementing MPT. Each fund captures the return behavior of an entire asset class, letting us accurately diversify clients' investments across multiple asset classes - incorporating the expected level of risk with which each investor is comfortable. Other advantages of this approach include:

Lower costs - Passive asset class funds typically have lower operating expenses than do comparable actively managed funds.

Greater tax efficiency - passive asset class funds have relatively low turnover, so less of your annual return is consumed by taxes.

Why Use Us As Your Investment Advisor?
What does our firm offer you and your family? We add value to your investment plans by addressing these concerns:

  • What do I want to achieve and what can reasonably be achieved with my investment portfolio?
  • How do I implement my plans?
  • How do I find high-quality, low-cost, tax-efficient investment opportunities, typically available only to large, institutional investors?
  • Will I be able to "stay the course" as I implement my strategy (particularly at times when the overall market is distressed)?

By focusing on your interests as our primary concern, we help you achieve your investment goals and facilitate implementation of the goals that you choose. In short, we establish...A trusted advisor relationship.